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Live Work Plan is an emergency financial backup system that will allow
you to store, manage and protect all aspects of your financial life.

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LiveWorkPlan assists with your personal financial planning needs by helping you prepare for financial emergencies and other unexpected events. LiveWorkPlan walks clients through a step by step process to assist in the management of your financial affairs by identifying important personal and financial information and collecting that information into a secure repository accessible by you anywhere. Our proprietary emergency financial backup system will allow you to store, manage and protect all aspects of your financial life.
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What would happen if you lost your most important documents due to theft, a fire, flood, or other natural disaster? If you were incapacitated, would your loved ones be able to easily piece together all of the facets of your complex life? Through the use of the LWP service, you - and your loved ones - have peace of mind by preserving critical personal and financial information in a secure, encrypted account - an account you can choose to share with those who would most need access to this information in case of an emergency. And it's all automatically encrypted and stored safely on our servers.

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